Let’s move India forward

Moving IST from +5:30 TO +6:00 GMT

For years, India’s Time (IST) has been ahead of GMT by 5hrs and 30mins. If we move this forward by 30 minutes, i.e. we all advance all our watches and clocks by half hour, then there’s huge benefits of more sunlight, in winters as well as summers.

Benefits of making our watches fast by 30 minutes

During winters, it gets dark early. Moving our watches by 30 minutes will give us 30 minutes of extra sunlight to enjoy in the evening. Similarly, in the summers, the sun rises early, in fact too early. After the 30 minute shift, the sun will rise 30 minutes late which means 30 extra minutes of sleep.

BOOSTS PRODUCTIVITY 30 extra minutes in the morning and 30 extra minutes before sunset gives 1 hour of usable daylight. More sunlight means more economic activities. More Sunlight. More Productivity.
SAVES ELECTRICITY Late sunsets give 30 minutes of light saving time in every house, saves an estimated Rs.3000 crore worth of electricity for the country. More Sunlight. Less Electricity.

More sunlight. Less crimes. Lesser accidents.

Most assault based crimes happen after sunset. Race with the setting sun to reach home before it gets dark. With a delay in sunset by 30 minutes, we are making our streets and the country safe for all of us. Less accidents and lesser street crimes happen in daylight. This is the dawn of a new India.

More Sunlight. Healthy Indians.

Delayed sunset means you will reach home while it’s still bright. More outdoor activities. More family time. More shopping.

More sunlight. Less pollution.

Late sunsets means late and consequently, less burning of wood for warmth. Hail atmosphere with a reduced carbon footprint thereby allowing nature to breathe.

Let everybody enjoy more sunlight. Spread the word.


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